Ceramic worktops born from a new concept of a surface with universal potential and versatility that adds new value to the building, architecture and interior design world. this material is realized thanks to the largest and thinnest ceramic surface ever seen; the only flexible and truly planar product that concentrates a surface of 3 m2 in a thickness of just 3 mm, which makes it exceptionally easy to handle and process. 

This surface is achieved thanks to a modern production process, the result of a research that tends to new design solutions and extends the surfaces usability: a mixture of natural raw materials is subjected to a damp grinding process, transformed into granules and compacted; it is then sintered at 1200 C° in hybrid kilns and trimmed.

This material, supported by a technical panel, creates a countertop with high technical guarantees and a wide range of colors and finishes. But the applications of these slabs are not limited to the countertop (kitchen or bathroom) as it is possible to make doors, counters, cabinets, plinths, tables, floors, walls, ecc.... Our company, which for over 15 years deals with the manufacturing and processing of materials such as quartz, porcelain and ceramics, combines in itself the most modern technologies for cutting, drilling and shaping even the 40 colors of Ceramic slabs multiplying the possibilities for use in various sectors.

It is a product with high resistance to mechanical stress, chemical attacks, scratching, deep abrasion and bending. The advanced technology adopted to produce the slabs makes them easy to clean and sanitise and resistant to frost, fire, mould and UV rays without altering colour, specifications and propperties. This material is eco-friendly: the slabs, created with natural materials, do not release any substance into the environment and can be easily milled and recycled in other production cycles.


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